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    Throughout history since technology has been created, there has been a great coevolution between humans and everything that is technology, especially digital technology, this is what I want to know, how has the coevolution been between humans? humans and digital technologies? I am interested in knowing a lot about this, all kinds of information will be more than welcome


    A huge number of electronic resources and various books can be found on this topic, perhaps you should start by browsing the Internet? This is a good idea , because at first many people start doing this


    As far as I know, artificial intelligence is developing at a rapid pace now – of course, this is progress. It remains not long to wait – when all that is connected with the substitution of a person and even with identity verification will work with robots. But you must understand that artificial intelligence has not yet been fully studied and at the right time it can make a mistake or even fail, then a big problem can arise…


    The coevolution between humans and digital technologies has been complex and transformative. As humans developed new technologies, such as computers and the internet, these tools reshaped the way we communicate, work, and live. Simultaneously, human needs and desires drove the advancement of digital technologies, resulting in a cycle of mutual influence. This relationship has led to both opportunities and challenges, impacting various aspects of society, from the economy and education to social interactions and privacy concerns.
    I can talk about this topic a lot and for a long time. Read here https://vidby.com/blog/humans-and-digital-technologies and you will learn a lot of interesting information.


    I was looking for the same thing, thanks to you for creating this publication for me and especially thanks to Adamgordon for sharing that great article where he explains each of the points very well in detail


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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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