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We cannot emphasize the importance of reading books. Books are not just a form of recreation. They have valuable lessons hidden within their words. You could join a book club or read alone. But make sure you are reading a few pages daily.

Reading strengthens the neural connections in the brain. Reading helps alleviate the symptoms of depression. Research has shown that reading about characters in fiction novels enhances emotional understanding among people. Now you know why crying buckets at the death of your favorite character from the book is not entirely a waste.

Hobbies are meant to get you relaxed. They shouldn’t become another checkbox on your chores list. Instead, they should be something you intentionally and happily choose to invest your time with.

We live in the era of bleeding work hours and a digital world trying to steal our attention. Therefore, taking charge of the 1440 minutes you have in a day is important. If that sounds too daunting, just take control of at least 20% of this. According to Dorrie Clark, a wellness coach and motivator, 3-4 hours of practicing a hobby are more than enough.

Now that you know the best hobbies for mental health, let’s take you to the book that will help you build them. Read about Atomic Habits, the self-help book the world needs right now, here.

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