Ready to clean up the city.

Relatively new to the scene, Street Cleaner is a dynamic and bold act from San Diego whose real name is Jesse Bishop. His newest full length album is "Payback," and is as gritty as he is.

Fresh and strong, the album’s beats come in off the top rope and deliver. After a cinematic build, we’re treated to tight rhythm that drives and climbs. Contrasting the heaviness are some heady, celestial synth instrumentals. The effect is dizzying, but the sharpness of everything keeps the music in focus. There are bits of bubble gum and video game in here, but the work is largely its own take on the 80s synth sound. Much of the tone is gritty and even “athletic” in places, like the track “Grim Victory,” but cooling out to a bluish, smoky tone for pieces like “Nightlife.” There’s a huge variance here, which is refreshing after seeing so many artists and albums stuck in narrower creative culverts.

This is dance music, sure. You can dance like the devil to it. But it’s not mindless. It’s steady but avoids being too repetitive. Songs like the electric-charged “Outnumbered” and the dark, brooding “Devil's Due” evoke themes of their own, weaving images with the sound. The songs tell almost visual stories, a hallmark of effective music in the genre and all too rarely seen in more recent acts.

I would give this album a strong eight out of ten stars (8/10). Keep your eyes on Street Cleaner; he’s promising, ruthless, and talented… and he may just be the hero our city needs.

Till next time, cyber-buckaroos!!!