Hey Retrolovers,

We all have speculated that the Synthwave sound has all the elements to make it into the mainstream. Many of you guys have shown STRONG dislike to this idea ever occurring. Look at the below evidence:

The image of  top 40 popstar Selena Gomez scared the crap out of you all. Poor "Robots With Rayguns" had to take all her hate because of this!!!

It can therefore be concluded that "Top 40" has no place in synthwave, or vice-versa. At least from the retro community perspective, right?

Well look what has been brought to our attention via Sunglasses Kid! The video below may scare you even more than Selena ever did!!

Listen VERY CLOSELY to the evidence below! Pay no mind to the visuals.


Is that.....Synthwave??

On a Taylor Swift record??!!

We all hear the bassline and synth-stab arrangements that correlate to Synthwave production! Do not deny this! Why do we call this a problem you may ask? Well it is this simple. The capturing and watering down of the Synthwave sound has now CLEARLY begun.

Think about it folks. Swift is one of the biggest pop-stars WORLDWIDE right now. If Taylor releases this embedded song as a single and it reaches top 10 status in Billboard charting, you can bet many other artists will hop on board and make carbon copy sounding tracks. Including that Selena chick!! Synthwave will become the new pop....

Now for the question we all constantly ask ourselves. Is this what the scene needs?

On one hand, it will bring the light to the EPIC Retrowave sound, yes, we all know this. But will all the artists who have put in their time and efforts to make this scene and sound what it is today get their recognition? Will our culture and community shine from watered down Synthwave records?! Is this the look Synthwave needs?! Who knows, but it is apparent that our scene may be in some trouble here.

We urge all musicians to copyright their music via ASCAP or BMI. Be LEGIT with your work. Do whatever it takes to legally cover your creations folks. Or else someone else like Bieber may take your work if Synthwave hits Top 40 status. Worse, Bieber could start bothering Lazerhawk for some production??!!  lol

Yes, this is all tongue in check, but we want to bring the larger scale news to your attention.

The Retrowave scene is growing an is now being implemented in MAINSTREAM music.

**Lady Gaga also used the Synthwave sound in "Do What You Want (Feat. R.Kelly)" - via Lhasa Mencur. EVEN WORSE!! lol

What are your Thoughts?