Five 80s Icons Now

Obviously, people age. That’s only science and nature, right? It’s also known that some people age gracefully, and some people don’t. On another side of it, some people are destined for longer careers than others. Some people manage to adapt to the times, and some fade (though never completely). We’re going to take a look at a few of our favorite people who were “big” in the 1980s, and see what they look like now.

1.       Cyndi Lauper

We all remember Cyndi as the pixie-like, lovable songbird, flamboyant yet oddly girl-next-door, and 80s pop icon. She had hits like “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” “Time After Time,” and “True Colors,” and even moonlighted as a manager for female WWE champion Wendi Richter. She had a tie-in with the film “The Goonies.” She had a good time back then, and we had a good time with her.

I’m pleased to show that she’s aged beautifully. Still active in music production and a huge advocate for various charities, Cyndi still has the look of a pop-punk fairy princess, though she’s grown up a little wardrobe wise. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

2.       Hulk Hogan

Speaking of WWE (called the WWF in the 1980s, before the legal battle for the acronym was won by the World Wildlife Fund), their ultimate moneymaker in the 80s was the man, the legend, the sport entertainment icon, Terry “The Hulk” Hogan. Having gotten his start in Verne Gagne’s AWA as “Sterling Golden,” Hulk was renamed and repackaged by Vince McMahon after having been seen in this iconic opening scene from Rocky III:

Hulk’s look, his intensity, and his message resonated with people in the 1980s, both in and out of professional wrestling. His sports entertainment career lasted well into the 2000s, but he was at his biggest during the 80s. He was well known as far away as Japan.

However “phony” you may think wrestling is, though… it can put wear and tear on a man. Not to mention that the real guy behind the image, Terry Bollea, wasn’t living his prayers-and-vitamins lifestyle behind the scenes.

Hogan has not aged well. I won’t sit here and insult him, but he’s got a real hang-dog look now… the look of a tired man. Anyone who follows celebrity news knows he’s had his ups and downs after wrestling, but he’s still kicking in an industry where many die young.

3.       Molly Ringwald

Films like “Pretty In Pink” and “The Breakfast Club” are essential viewing for the 80s enthusiast. Molly Ringwald is a name and a face you remember if you grew up then, unless you were Amish or lived in a cave.

Younger than the previous two on this list, still only in her 40s, Molly has stayed busy, both acting and writing two books thus far. She also maintains an advice column.  She’s had two spouses and is a mom to 3 kids… and she looks great!

4.       Boy  George

If you don’t remember Boy George, where were you? The frontman of Culture Club who was such a “chameleon” himself that he crafted an entirely androgynous persona, the man whose real name is George O’Dowd is synonymous with the crazy edge of the 80s pop scene.

George’s solo career stretched well into the 90s and beyond, and he’s also written some books, gotten into some legal trouble, and the usual stuff.  He’s even branched into DJing, and toured briefly this year.

The years are beginning to weigh on Boy George, but he’s still got the recognizable look we all know. I have a feeling he’s still far from finished entertaining people, though only time will tell.

5.       Henry Thomas

Most people wouldn’t know Henry Thomas by name, but if you say “Elliot from E.T.” they will know who you mean.

Henry has kept working since then, on into adulthood, having put films like “Legends of the Fall” and “Gangs of New York” under his belt in more recent years. His face is still unmistakable, if you look. He’s still a gifted character actor, and in this writer’s opinion, is underused!

That’s all for now, but here’s all the best to our classic icons, past and present!