6 Ways to Enjoy NRW!

I know, I know. When is a bad time to enjoy music from NRW? Funerals? Even that’s debatable. You don't need me to tell you how to enjoy music, but I’ve broken down the six ways that I enjoy the music from this scene.


I’m a writer (duh!). In fact, moments when I am not writing for NRW, teaching, or writing songs for my band (I’m a busy man!), I’m writing fiction. The fiction I write tends to have a slight science fiction angle. NRW compliments that perfectly and really helps with fleshing out a story or world building. The focus on digital sound and atmosphere help set the mood for not just speculative fiction, but really any kind of writing.  


If you have a commute that puts you on the road for any length during either dawn or dusk hours, I strongly recommend making yourself a nice little playlist of retrowave to accompany you. If you’ve just downed a tall cup of the blackest of Twin-Peaks-inspired coffee and climbed into your commuter cockpit, the sounds will soothe you as you drive to your (hopefully not soul-crushing) job.


And then you get to work! This is particularly applicable if your job requires you to do tedious actions over and over again while you think about your dreams and regrets. While I adore my day job as a teacher, grading can get a little grating (see what I did there?).  When it’s just me and a pile of worksheets or essays, some smooth background music is just what I need to feel inspired and keep going. Sometimes I use NRW music as a timepiece. Try doing a certain required task for the duration of an EP or full length album before taking a short break.  NRW at work may apply if you’re a DJ, but that’s a whole other business entirely.


This one gives away my fantastic social life. When I’m alone I get seriously down to some NRW. If you even remotely enjoy dancing by yourself, give it a spin with this. You’ll find your shoulders and hips moving much more naturally than you’d expect. Since you’re alone, you don’t have to worry about looking like a goofball in front of anyone, and the music has a tempo that’s pretty friendly for casual dancing. Not to brag, but I haven’t had a chance to try it in front of people.


It really depends on the distance and the runner. If you are running a long distance and tend to do so often, it works better. I’ve been pretty adamant about exercising for most of my adult life. Bro, I don’t really lift. I do, however, run long distance. I’m pretty all over the place as far as my musical tastes go, and my running playlists reflect that. I have a few that heavily feature NewRetroWave songs. It helps me keep pace and just forget that I’m running for long stretches of time. Because let’s face it: running is the worst.


This is it. This is my favorite way to listen to NRW. I live in an area that is very near to an immense rural countryside. Riding a bike through there and letting the colors of the hills and trees pour over your senses makes you feel like a transparent eyeball. You just soak in the entire world. The lush pads and gorgeous retro-synths add to the feeling. And for a few brief moments, the road, the bike, the music, and you all becomes a singularity. I’ve made no secret about my love of Timecop1983. I gave his latest EP a rave review and loved the Journeys full length. I was biking this summer around some crazy bend in a hillside when the opening track hit me. I had to stop and just look around at the beautiful Pennsylvania landscape for a few moments before riding off, literally into the sunset, feeling truly happy.

But enough about me, how do you listen to these groovy tunes, man? Comment below! I'd love to continue the conversation. 

- Joey