Hey Guys,

We have a lot planned here at NRW for next year and want to keep you in the loop.

Firstly we want to give you guys (the fans) the BIGGEST thank you for making 2012-2014 such successful years for the retrowave scene. NRW estimates that the scene has generated over $30,000K in sales in Bandcamp alone since 2012. We wont even get you started with the iTunes numbers! Your loyalty is keeping retrowave alive!

Not only have we seen a plethora of new artists enter the scene, but the quality of production and musicality has increased in direct correlation. As a result, the scene is stronger than ever with it's own culture beginning to solidify.

Secondly we also want to give a MAJOR shout out to all of the other retro platforms that are doing their part to make this scene a success.

This includes  Synthetix FM (Rick has been doing an amazing job in helping to expand the retro revival community), Drive Radio (which has absolutely filled a necessary void for the retro  community), Maniac Synth (Solid Channel), Neros77 (Solid Channel)  Poolside FM and Carnov. There are so many other sites and platforms doing a bang up job, please do not be offended if not mentioned.

Thirdly, this will also be a perfect time to address some of the nonsense that certain people in this scene have tried to shroud NRW in since last year when we released our 2nd compilation tape. We are strictly here for the scene and the fans, and we will continue to do that no matter what. All artists we feature are rewarded for their efforts and will continue to be. Due to past altercations, we now only work with select Channels, Brands, Artists and Videographers under specific contract conditions. No more problems! Just progress.


Fourthly, We also now have a team of loyal and great staff of writers here at NRW who will be joining us as we expand into 2015 and onwards. You can check out their bio's on the "Our Team" page.


As we move into the new year, there will be many new exciting things that will occur. Expect a lot of changes/ revamping to our site as we prepare to relaunch for 2015! You guys deserve it. Our web developer is doing a bang up job and we are thrilled with the results. You guys wanted a better site, and you will get one!

There will also be 2,maybe even 3 additional big surprises coming in 2015, but as we near the end of the year more will be revealed.

Also....ahem....we smell a Vol. 3 looming. This will be the final installment of the trilogy, and will be the MOST EPIC TAPE EVER! It's all about quality, and not quantity with us! ;)

Get ready for an epic new year and.....

Stay retro folks!