The retro scene has been on an incredible rise in recent years!!  In fact, in just a span of 3 years since NRW formed, the retrowave scene has completely evolved into something special that no one could have fathomed.  Our scene is a completely unique online culture waiting to take over the world!

The main focus now is not only where our scene is heading to, but what our scene will be in a few years. With this thought, comes a MAJOR predicament.

Do we remain underground/ behind the scenes and take over the movie/ video game soundtrack? Or do we give it our all and get the retrowave sound into the mainstream charts?  

Online buzz vs Physical Buzz

Let’s face it. Most of the retro artists that have emerged from the scene have mostly been in soundtrack outlets. Notable retro artists to make it into a MAJOR movie soundtrack include Electric Youth (Drive/ Taken 2) and College (Drive) as well as Power Glove (Hobo with a Shotgun). These guys achieved this on an independent level. No majors!!! After this exposure all of these artists have attained a fair amount of fans and exposure setting up what seems to be a promising future.

There are many more artists who are soon to be on this road including LazerHawk, Miami Nights 1984 and Perturbator. Soundtrack exposure seems to be a certainty when you make music in the retrowave scene. But is this all we were set out to conquer?!

There is no doubt in our minds that mainstream charts and full exposure is what the retrowave scene deserves, but most do not think that is what the retrowave scene needs.  Remaining underground ensures that the scene will not become overrun/ watered down and potentially destroyed.

However, for this scene to grow, we need our artists to be able to confidently put out their music and to also go on stage and rock out the retro synths. The word of mouth from performances is extremely viral and can set alight in these days. This will only come with mainstream exposure. No true musician wants to have their music reach a limited crowd. They want the WORLD to hear their music and spread it around like butter on bread!

A prime example being Com Truise. He is the guiding light for us in this scene right now. Not only reaching billboard uncharted status, Com Truise is looking like the closest out of the retro scene to get into the billboard top 100 and thus worldwide radio. Unlike most artists in this scene, Com Truises’ primarily focus was on getting his music to a MAJOR level.  Most of Com’s buzz was built up independently via touring and live performances as well as internet buzz.

Right now our scene is in GREAT form and is looking better that ever. What we want is for emerging artists to actually have a chance to reach EPIC levels through retrowave. We must expand our culture into other outlets, if we truly want growth. If not, we can remain a soundtrack community.

Not a bad thing, but we should strive for more.

What are your thoughts?

-          NRW