“The Golden Age”
Cobra Copter

Cobra Copter has just dropped "The Golden Age" - a self-released six track mini album. With so much music coming through on my Soundcloud stream, initial first listens can be crucial. "The Golden Age" appeared on my stream as an 'album sampler' which is a great way to showcase your music in a short space of time. (Shout outs to EDDO2001 on Soundcloud who's stream is definitely one to follow for great music with a heavy leaning to the retro scene).
"The Golden Age" sampler instantly got me interested in seeking out the full length album on Cobra Copter's Bandcamp.

The album opens with the obligatory 'intro' track to set things up - the synths are powered up, the lights are down - all systems go! 'Vegas Nights' come on with a medium pace and is reminiscent of William Orbit's 'El Ninjo' in parts. The main synth line perfectly conceptualises the feeling of driving the I-15 into Vegas as the sun is setting, getting you ready for whatever will be going down for the night. The next track 'Rebel Heart' could be the next instalment of this Vegas night, finding your friends at the hotel bar then moving on to where the night takes you. That might be to the next track '86 Love Affair' - the perfect soundtrack for standing on the terrace at the top of the Cosmopolitan with the cute waitress you met earlier at the Flamingo craps tables. 'Chrome City' is the 1am drive through the city to the 'speak easy' just out of town. Last track 'Showdown' finishes this night out - driving out to the desert as the sun starts to come up, Ray Bans at the ready, taking in the silence before you head back to do it all over again.

"The Golden Age" is an excellent collection of songs. Clocking in at just over 17 minutes the only criticism I have is that many of the songs are rather short. None of them would suffer for being longer. Maybe there are some 'full length' versions in the works? On the other hand, Cobra Copter does leave you wanting more, which is a good thing. Also of note are some of the tasteful elements Cobra Copter uses in their tracks - subtle detuned synths for that authentic analog feel, punchy dynamics with tastefully placed sounds and arrangements. Everything is where it should be right down to the cool album graphics - "golden age" indeed!

- Andrew B. White