Rain Sword
Sail Club

"Sail Club" is a new three track EP from Newport Beach CA's Rain Sword. Rain Sword is 23 year old Myles Rogers and will be familiar to New Retro Wave followers having had the track 'Visions' included on The 80's Dream Compilation Tape Vol. 2.

Opening track 'Sailing With You' features Myles on vocals in an understated 80s synth-pop style. Think of a quieter Morten Harket from A-Ha and you get the picture. What's nice about the delivery is that Myles is not an over-reaching diva and there's no AutoTune to ruin things. It's natural and fits the track perfectly.
Next up 'Skyline' picks up the pace but like all Rain Sword tracks is tastefully restrained allow the hooks to come through. This would be perfect for a TV or film montage scene where boy finally takes the hard-to-get girl on a date, picking her up in his convertible and driving around all day; firstly heading to the beach then ending up back in the city as the sun goes down, with the neon's lighting up.

'Drifting Away' is another catchy number with what sounds like a sampled choir-like line from the Korg DSS-1. Some nice little tom rolls accent the song along with some well-placed breaks and builds. I could imagine this being a "Love Life"-era Berlin track - just add Terri Nun's vocals and some electric guitar and it'd be good to go.

Myles uses hardware synths to create his music and arranges in Ableton Live – The Yamaha DX7, Roland Juno 6 both feature heavily to set things up for an authentic vibe. To me, all the songs on "Sail Club" eschew the sunny location of Newport Beach in the mid-80s rather than music specifically written for a loveless, futuristic cyberworld. Hitting the freeway with these tunes blasting from your in-dash Alpine cassette player (presumably on the way to get on your yacht to sail out to Catalina Island) makes perfect sense. Excellent stuff.

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Written by
Andrew B White