Hey fans.

There is a specific application out there named Last FM that not only benefits you the listener....but also the artists that you listen to in addition!

Lookey Here!

In today's day and age, every one listens to music on the go. What Last FM allows you to do is to digitally keep track of all the music you listen to in REAL TIME. Meaning the specific time you play a song, where you are (we think) and who you listen to all in one specific moment. 

The "scrobbler" is the specific name for the Last FM gadget that allows for music fans all around the world to connect with each other and help give musicians the recognition they deserve! It can be synced through most music playing applications like iTunes, WMP and even online players such as Spotify, Rdio and Deezer. Also most mobile music players are compatible with the Last FM app. All you need is to download the app either to your phone, laptop or desktop, then register an account and you are good to go!

Artists love to see fans play and interact with each other about their music. Last FM allow for such interaction and gives the world real time stats on popular songs from the fans point of view. Too many apps are driven by silly reviewers who rank songs to their opinion, not the fans. It's all about the fans!

Support the retro scene by downloading this app. After a few days you WILL forget you have it and will listen to music normally rather than playing songs to give artists high numbers!! So for those doubting the authenticity of this off for real plays, you are dismissed!