Who Ha’s Zoned Out - April 2013

Bio - I am most certainly a multi-hyphenate, with a legit multi-pass to show for it (“yeah, she KNOWS it’s a multi-pass”). Comedy nerd: I’ve been training at Improv And Sketch Comedy writing at Upright Citizens Brigade NYC since 2006. I studied Recording Arts at Full Sail University in Orlando. I’m a huge Film and TV nerd. So much so that I actually almost switched to the Film program. I first started producing music somewhere around ‘97-’98 on a Playstation and haven’t stopped since. I live for retro. It’s who I am. I have a hard time waxing nostalgic with people because I live in nostalgia. Most Importantly: I frequently search youtube for “sneaky raccoons stealing things” because I love how they use their silly fingers like people.

I started releasing retro music in 2013 and I plan on uniting galaxies as a New Retro Pop Star
...but first, I gotta fix up my closet. That ish is a mess; clothes everywhere.

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Who Ha’s Zoned Out - April 2013 Week 3 (#1)

Welcome to Zoned Out. I'll be showcasing new synth jams that are good enough to lose yourself in and forget there was ever other stuff going on to begin with. I'll also highlight not only great music, but very new music. I mean: Seriously new. At the time of posting, these tracks are still crescent fresh. Some of them are so raw, they’re still ALIIIIIIVE. But I digress. Let’s get retro-

Can we talk about how moody this track is? Can we also talk about how addictingly simple it is? The bassline moves and invokes the paranoia of any cyberpunk warrior on the run, yet it's a delicious chord pad that elevates it to something more cerebral. I'm keeping an eye out for Mr. StuntM▲n.
*It's hella fun copying and pasting all these text symbols lol
Oh boy, here we go. There's so much tension in that bass sweep I could pass out. Another really great track with tons of atmosphere, Alien Abduction sounds like it could fit in nicely as some random track on a Sci Fi movie soundtrack. I don't know what it's like to be on a spaceship, but this track puts me right where I imagine I would be.
I think it's safe to say: this is some wicked Italo. Normally, I don't like LMFAO (for reals, blech), but placed over such a great soundset like this one and they're fun to listen to. Not even that one guy's stupid hairfro thing could put me off while I'm dancing around like a fancy disco dancy to this jam. I really love the plink melody synth throughout the track. I think the very long reverb trails and general "shinyness" make this one stand out.

Stay tuned for more New Retro!
For Who Ha, this is Who Ha- Zoning Out...


Who Ha's Zoned Out - April 2013 Week 3 (#2)

::staring forward, with a stupid grin on my face::
...Yowza! I was totally zoning out there. And with good reason, the selection this time around is a doooooo-zee (Ned Ryerson paid me 5 bucks to include that line. We love ya, Ned).
Once again, these tracks are great synth escapes, and they're new as hell to boot. Let's get retro-

If you asked me to describe this, I'm not sure that I could. I'd have to spend a few moments, cause it's got a lot of elements you'd find from numerous 80s sources. It's got wood hits and woodwind sounds like on a Phil Collins album. It's got a crazy cool 3/4 bassline you might find on a Stevie Wonder hit. It's also got jungle vibes, bird noises, lots of random stingers and hits- I'd actually say it reminds me of a slower Gloria Estefan track. You know the kind, the songs that just sound more latin simply by evoking the rainforest. Stop reading this and just listen, it's definitely worth your time.
Every now and then, I'll go on youtube and listen to a crapload of Laserdance tracks. I find that they're one of the genre staples to me. This track evokes all the rights feels of any number of those classic Laserdance ones. Mats Forsell just nails the vibe right. I just wanna hop into my speeder, get a space latte, and go cruising from sector to sector until I run out of fuel (I wasn't paying attention because I was zoning out so hard. eh? eh?)
Italo glory. I'm trying to contain how much I like this track. Given enough time, I could spend many hours looking through a thesaurus to find adjectives for "awesome." Retro: got it. Plinky leads: got it. Fancy hair: not yet, but I'll get it just to dance to this one.
*Seriously, I like this one so much, I'm thinking about messaging this cat about collaborating. Listen up!

and These. Are. The Breaks.
For Who Ha, this is Who Ha- Zoning Out...