Morgan Willis – Turbo Flash EP


Morgan Willis is back from the beach and riding into the sunset with his new EP “Turbo Flash!”

Morgan Willis is yet another french producer that has been steadily gaining notoriety in the synthwave genre. Seriously, what's in the water over there? Fresh off the successes of last year's mega-album, “Miami Calling,” (which carved out a solid spot on our “Top Ten Retrowave Albums of 2016”) “Turbo Flash” is speeding into the spotlight.

No stranger to production, Morgan Willis also has a background in dance music as an active DJ, live performer and the co-founder of the Basics Avenue label. His electronic repertoire truly shines through his varied releases which show a slew of retro influences ranging  from Miami Vice beach synths to breakneck pop-synth dance tracks.

The aptly named “Turbo Flash” is no different. This collection of retro cruising tracks slam the pedal to the metal and drift through sub genres with all the skill and precision of a professional Driver. Each track on this EP seems to lend itself to a different kind of high-speed high-stakes race.

The intro track “La Nuit Nous Appartient Feat. Flamingo” kicks things off with some spoken word french and a synth crescendo which ends with an engine revving and the ominous sound of police sirens approaching in the distance. Next up and with a hint of darkwave, “Black Thunder” feels like an underground drag race backlit by neon city lights. “Toute une Histoire” and “Turbo Flash” follow with a lighter synthpop/outrun vibe, and would be perfectly at home as the soundtrack to a formula 1 match.

The EP comes to a close with the “The Grid of Death” (A Tron reference, perhaps?) and the bonus track, “Arcade Runner,” am impeccably produced cut steeped in science fiction and filled old school gaming sounds.

“Turbo Flash” is definitely an EP you wouldn't want to miss. Grab a listen below and try not to get pulled over!