Mono Memory - 85


Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, Mono Memory is a brand new face in the synth and retro wave scene. But don’t let that freshness fool you – it’s clear upon first listen that Mono Memory is no stranger to music production. His debut EP, “’85,” is only a few months old it already seems as though it’s turning heads.  

“’85” is a concept EP, as the inspiration for the songs are drawn directly from Mono Memory’s childhood memories via personal home VHS footage. Featuring his parents and their life in Sydney circa 1985 – 1988, these home videos manage to perfectly encapsulate the decade’s aesthetic.

 This footage was cut and released to go along with the “’85” EP, and what results is a release heavily soaked in genuine nostalgia.

Often we hear about artist’s inspiration being classic films or other retro music, but rarely does the inspiration seem personal – and even rarer do we get to experience it along with the artists. Watching Mono Memory’s 11 minute family film that accompanies the EP is a one of a kind experience which lends an authenticity that is so often lacking retrowave music today.

Also working in Mono Memory’s favor is the sheer production quality of these few tracks. Not only are these tracks clean and sonically well balanced but they nail the retro themes perfectly with minimal stereotypical cheesiness.

“Early Reflections” is the first track on the album featuring some beautiful nostalgic synth work, seething a cheerful beach vibe. “Voyager” blasts off into space with upbeat arpeggiated synths and a righteous guitar solo bassline combo.  “Crystal Beach” returns to the shoreline but this time in a more somber fashion, ending the first EP on a wandering, ethereal synthline and an overall romantic and melancholic note. The standout among the three was definitely “Early Reflections.” The bonus track “Corvette Cadet” is also quite fantastic. 

For a producer as new as Mono Memory, these three tracks make up a surprisingly fantastic journey of pure nostalgia. Here’s to hoping he’s got a few more family videos tucked away for inspiration!