Code Elektro – WOLF

Code Elektro is back with his sophomore album, “WOLF”. This highly anticipated release is a largely down-tempo, ethereal concept album inspired by cyberpunk style science fiction and the Scandinavian countryside.

The brains behind Code Elektro, Danish producer Martin Ahm Nielsen, described “WOLF” in a press release as an ode to man's relation to nature. “...all of the tracks describes an adventure. From the initiation ritual of the wolf den, to the Scandinavian nature, storm, darkness of the night, the city lights - and to the final transformation.”

Nielsen’s first album, “Superstrings” was met with a high amount of praise – especially for an inaugural album. “Superstrings” sold around the world and even garnered a nomination for a GAFFA award for Best Danish Electronic Album. Not surprising, given Nielsen's nearly decade long history in professional sound production and design.

“WOLF” follows closely on it’s predecessor’s heels. While both releases are sci-fi synthwave, “WOLF” has been given an expertly crafted injection of ambiance.  The atmosphere Nielsen has created on this album is an intense, rather unheard of combination of future-scapes and retro-nature vibes.

Code Elektro is inspired by the likes of Vangelis, M83 and TRON:Legacy, and it's easy to hear their influences. Nielsen's similar use of space and song texture provide an expert level of depth to “WOLF”, giving rise to a truly soundtrack like quality.

What is astounding about this album is its original use of traditional synthwave tropes. The wailing sax and power rock guitar usually reserved romantic scenes and boss fights are used in new, interesting ways, nodding somehow towards sci-fi nature scenes instead of 80's action cheese. These stereotypically 80's instruments blend perfectly with a myriad synthesizers to create a soundscape profoundly interesting and new to synthwave.

The standout tracks on “WOLF” are Voyager, Slow Motions, N3on and Postlude (Transformation).  This is definitely an interesting and fresh album, be sure to grab a copy while they're available.