Peter Zimmermann – "Eine Nacht Mit Peter Zimmermann"

The German legend Peter Zimmermann is set to steal the spotlight with his newest italo-disco bombshell, "Eine Nacht Mit Peter Zimmermann."  This album listens like a stiff drink feels -  warming you inside until you're bursting with a drunken energy and you just can't help but feel the drive.

The first time I heard Zimmermann I truly believed I was listening to music created in 1979. "Eine Nacht Mit Peter Zimmermann" is no different.

This album is a paramount example of authenticity in retro music. This album feels less like the work of a contemporary producer and more of a reto reenactment period piece. The beats are simple, there are no house melodies or trance pads – sincerely, everything from the chosen drum kits and synthesizers to the methods of production stay zealously true to the often overlooked genre of italo-disco. 

The only part of Zimmermann's newest album that doesn't bleed italo-disco is when he mixes in a hint of German New Wave – an odd combination that flows seamlessly together, specially in the vocals. The crafted masterwork mixing bridges the divide between two very different genres, creating a simultaneously authentic and original sound.

This album is quite simply the most explosive thing to come from Germany and Italy since the great war – but this explosion is borne out of a seductive, drunken happiness. Many genre crossovers exist in the retro scene, and who would have thought italo-disco and new wave would be so perfect for each other?

Every track on this album is a success, but the ones that stand out are "Mach's zu Geld und schmeiß es aus dem Fenster," "Luv Like Fire (Luv in 1979 Version ft. OsCar)," "Die finnische Prinzessin (Part I Instrumental)," and the wild "It's fresh, It's cool, It's true (A Spandau Ballet Cover feat. Pleasure Operator)." The Spandau Ballet Cover has some wild vocals, as moving and gaudy as the spinner of a late night naked twister game. 

Go grab a listen of this album immediately, you wont be dissapointed. If you decide to buy, at
5€ it's a steal! Lets all cross our fingers we'll get to see this masterpiece on vinyl sometime soon!