A Space Love Adventure - Synth Punk EP

A Space Love Adventure has released an EP, and it’s everything his fans and supporters have been waiting for. Since 2011, ASLA has been producing synthwave music and honing his skills. You may have heard him on the Outrun Europa comp, as well as a few other places, but ASLA has finally given us his first full EP, a true-to-form set of tracks that is very 80's, very cool, and very easy to enjoy. 

It’s only four tracks, but all of them will kick you straight in the ass and make you ready to rumble. “Red Blaze” is the opening anthem, and it’s an excellent way to start things off. A driving mid-tempo thump races alongside chord hits, guitar wails, and celestial high-end. The breaks and change ups are timed fluidly, and the track flows very well. “Avalanche 29” definitely has more of a darker sci-fi feel to it, with a similar tempo to the previous track but a more wandering, brooding feel. It is strong and intense. Once again, high and low blend beautifully, and the ever-present guitar continues to sing. Its keening solos are very realistic. ASLA (Alessandro) told me himself: “I normally like to use a real guitar, but for the Synth Punk EP, since I have no guitar with me, I used Garageband’s electric guitar VST, which I think is dope.” I’m inclined to agree with him!  

We go even grimmer with “Reign of the Outlaws,” a slower track that nonetheless matches the others in raw intensity. Its arpeggio bass line, dreamy high notes and vast back-end invoke images of a post-apocalyptic sunset… gloomy, yet oddly hopeful. “Thunderchrome” wins me over as my favorite track on the EP; I love nothing more than to hear an artist wrap up a record with a track that has balls of steel. True to its brothers on the album, it has a driving tempo to it, and that old-boombox fade in effect is always a cool way to drop us into the action. In some superficial ways, it is similar to the first track, but definitely has its own character. 

Alessandro posted this EP on social media with the disclaimer that it was “100% DIY” and said “don’t listen if you’re looking for polished sounds.” He was trying to be modest, which I appreciate, but let me clear things up: This is pretty damn polished for a DIY synthwave album. It’s very clear that a lot of effort and passion went into creating the music, and it’s obvious that ASLA will only continue to climb in altitude from here. I give Synth Punk EP an enthusiastic eight out of ten. Sunlover’s asking €3 for it, but it’s worth much more. I’d suggest you grab it!