Makeup and Vanity set - Wilderness

Wilderness Cover Art designed by Caspar Newbolt / Version Industries

Wilderness Cover Art designed by Caspar Newbolt / Version Industries

April 8th saw the release of the new Makeup and Vanity set record, entitled Wilderness. It's the tenth full length album from Nashville based electronic artist, Matthew Pusti and has been released via Telefuture Records.

For anyone who is aware of Makeup and vanity set, you will already be familiar with his gift for creating vast and exceptional pieces of music. His experience and obvious affiliation with his sound helps him carve out vivid and beautifully rich sounding tracks and Wilderness is no exception. Absorbing a record of this enormity is not always an easy feet and multiple listens are often required in order to really get to grips with the songs. Yet shortly after first listening to Wilderness, I was left dumbfounded by how effortlessly I made it through the albums massive 1 hour and twenty one minute running time and just how instantly connected I felt to it afterwards.

I feel Wilderness is more than just an album, its a prodigious musical journey that is searching for answers and although melancholic at times,is never totally devoid of hope.  Despite the majority of the album being instrumental, we are treated to songs like Hand in handand Remember, both of which are infectiously charming vocally led tracks that ascend at just the right moments. The album boasts some wonderful contributions from the likes of Big Delta Black, Jasmin Kaset, Thomas Barrandon and The Protomen.

Those quick enough off the mark, may have been lucky enough to bag themselves one of the super cool Wilderness double LP Vinyl's, which are housed in a gatefold sleeve and limited to only 250 copies worldwide. The artwork has been lovingly designed by previous collaborator and gifted artist, Caspar Newbolt. The finished product is simply stunning and vinyl this sexy is guaranteed to stir an erection or two amongst some of the more overly obsessive collectors out there.  But fear not, a digital version of the album is also available to purchase and I hear a second run of vinyl is also on its way. To all those who purchase the album, a free digital download of 'Eidolon: A short Film by Joey Ciccoline' is also available. This visual bonus coincides with the release of the album and I strongly urge you to check this out too.

Making an album of this magnitude is never going to be an easy feet and I can only imagine how much Pusti laboured over this one. Not only does it feel deeply personal, but it really does reflect a certain realness and honesty. It twists and winds through the chasms of the mind and it bares deep seated feelings and emotions, almost like a form of self therapy. Wilderness is many things, it’s humble, proud, claustrophobic and free and it succeeds where so many others have fallen short before it. This is Makeup and Vanity set' most accomplished and beautiful work to date, its quite simply brilliant!