JK47 - Cyberpunk LP

I first came across JK47's soundcloud via tumblr a few months ago and much like DREAM Catalogue has become something of a new found treat for me.Cyberpunk was released back in August 2014 and is a thirteen track expression of the future from the past, that is equal parts Natural City (2003) and Masamune Shirow's Tank Police. 

Written, Recorded and produced at Holy Mountain Studios, Kandahar, Afghanistan. With additional personnel on board: Jeff Dost - Guitars on tracks 1, 4, 5, 11; Mario Pasciucco - Keyboards, additional production 2, 3, 7, 10, 12; Jordan Sudak - Art and Design.Cyberpunk opens up with DEXADRINE, a fitting title for piece that starts with the warm aura of horns playing from some dream before the fever starts. COWBOY is a driven by a female voice sampled, obscure, bit of dialogue from asian cinema. ONO-SENDAI is a dance track that could make Stryder Hiryu jump off the wall and dance shinobi style with a Jade Palace maiden. 

SPRAWL I & II are the new retro answer to a Miami Vice montage. MOLLY M1LL1ONS churns out a thudding progression before putting you into a melancholic mood swing. HOSAKA is an interlude that could score your evening cab ride under the glittery skyline on Night-city. AI continues the sentiment with its warm production. W1NT3RMUT3 is one of the strongest songs; alongside CASE my favorite and are just wonderful with their uses of guitars, subdued vocal samples and overall arraignments. Z10N is an immediate throwback to 80's electro and Dub, imagine Dr. Eldon Tyrell DJ'ing over a dub soundsystem with rude boys spitting Cityspeak on the mic. ICE rounds out the lot as the Brian Eno meets industrial piece. 

Overall I enjoyed this collection and look forward to the next release JK47 has in the workings. Look out for my interview with JK47 right here on NewRetroWave.com.