College - Shanghai

David Grellier, aka College, is a synthwave pioneer. Whether you know it or not, he is likely one of the major reasons you even listen to retrosynth music - unless, of course, you were around for the first generation of synth music. Hell, it's not a stretch to say College's work is, in part, why outlets like NRW even exist.

Mono Memory - 85

Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, Mono Memory is a brand new face in the synth and retro wave scene. But don’t let that freshness fool you – it’s clear upon first listen that Mono Memory is no stranger to music production. His debut EP, “’85,” is only a few months old it already seems as though it’s turning heads.  

Lazerhawk – Dream Rider

A lot has changed in synthwave since 2013, when Lazerhawk’s (until now now, last) album Skull and Shark came out. The genre has in many ways matured and a whole new generation of listeners and producers has joined the fray. Since then we've had the emergence of the dark synthwave, as well as an immense proliferation of synthwave artwork and synthwave music creations.