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ChillSynth Collage - Meet the Latest Synth Micro Genre: ChillSynth

The Beginning of ChillSynth Way back in 2015 I had just left college, moved to Cleveland, and started writing about synth music

Screenshot 2020 10 12 at 13.59.30 - Into the 'Algorithm' with Saman Kesh & Justin Hopkins

Through directly addressing the topics of depravity fueled and safeguarded by online anonymity, Makeup and Vanity Set’s music video for ‘Algorithm’ is a gorgeous piece of work that is bound to shake up and disturb viewers. Directed by Justin Hopkins and Saman Kesh (who previously worked with MAVS on the

Dan Terminus Interview

We had the honor of  interviewing cyberpunk darksynth legend, Dan Terminus, ahead of the release of his sixth studio album, "Last Call For All Passengers." The album drops this Friday via Blood Music - listen here!  Check out our full album review here! Over the course of two hours, we discussed everything from his

DJP Promo Shot 2 - Memory Lanes #14 – Dana Jean Phoenix

Sunday, lovely Sunday. For those who still haven’t the option of stepping outside, our stroll down memory lanes has extended into the weekend to bring you some more memories and words from Synthwave’s most brilliant talent. Our guest of the day is none other than Retro-pop powerhouse Dana Jean Phoenix

Z0A4550 - Memory Lanes #13 – Vincenzo Salvia

The weekend is upon us and the Synth fuelled trip down memory lane continues. We are joined by Italy’s very own Vincenzo Salvia, who spared us some time off of his hectic schedule to share a quick movie recommendation and let us know what he’s been up to. Hey Vincenzo, thank

100753100 245508093212485 8896294712302895104 n - Memory Lanes #11 – The Synth Squad – Chris Yukigami

The Synth Squad have been one of the most reliable and consistent authorities for all things Synth and Retro for the past few years. The duo from Paris has outlasted and outshined most in the scene through their hard work and unmatched scrutiny of the Retrowave scene, warranting no less than

100574260 547887715892381 5508325432912510976 n - Memory Lanes #10 – The Synth Squad – Pete Trautmann

For this edition of Memory Lanes, we wanted to seize the opportunity to tip our hats to our peers in the scene and acknowledge the incredible work and dedication they’ve brought to the scene. Hailing from Paris, the Synth Squad have been putting just about every other Synthwave related media

NRW ARTICLE JAMES SECKER - Memory Lanes #9 - James Secker

Week three of our exhibition down Memory Lanes closes off with some choice cuts picked out by honourable guest James Secker, award-winning filmmaker behind The Summoner (full short available below), events consultant for the UK’s Retro Future Festival and editor for Synthwave TV. Fueled by a love for DIY movies

Z0A1127 - Memory Lanes #7 – Maethelvin

Dropping by for a top-shelf crash course in European electronic blasts from the past, Maethelvin honoured us with a magnificent deep-dive into the world of 80s electronic music. As the co-conspirator behind the influential Valerie Collective brought us most of what you hear and see in Synthwave today, Maethelvin is

94491858 1621631934659710 651074650746388480 n - Memory Lanes #6 – Synthgirl I-rena

Week two of Memory Lanes is coming to a close, and we’re finishing this week off with flying colors with the insightful words of Synthgirl I-rena from Lithuania. Pushing the boundaries of synth music by combining operatic art-pop and eighties retrofuturism 8 Vol.1 marked a brilliant debut for an artist

94690983 914741315632568 7531018857666838528 n - Memory Lanes #5 – NINA

For this fifth edition of Memory Lanes, we are graced with the presence of none other than the scene’s very own shooting star. With the release of her sophomore album Synthian right around the corner, we caught up with NINA with hopes to learn more about the images and sounds

metro 3 Mario di mowdjo - Memory Lanes #4 – Sierra

Happy Monday, fellow retroheads ! With Memory Lanes now entering its second week of publication, we are delighted to bring you our second guest from the land of existential dread and stinky cheese. Darkwave producer Sierra has stopped by to drop her own movie recommendation and tell us a little more